Waun Gron Road Depot, Cardiff


The client wished to re-purpose the site from its use as a civic amenity site and storage depot to a combined mixed use development including a bus depot, commercial buildings and residential properties.

ESP implemented a phased investigation commencing with a Desk Study and series of more detailed intrusive works including a Controlled Waters Risk Assessment which enabled risks to be defined and managed into the contract stage for the project.


The assessment of this site commenced with the undertaking of a Geoenvironmental Desk Study and review of historic investigation reports. During the desk based assessment, the potential for buried historic fuel tanks was identified.

A series of investigations were carried out, comprising intrusive works and non-intrusive GPR works, implemented phased to increase understanding and focused on the geoenvironmental risks of the site culminating in a Controlled Waters Risk Assessment and assessment of the potential impacted soil zone adjacent to the tanks.  The next phase of works will comprise professional supervision of excavation works whilst the tank and impacted soils are excavated and removed.



This project is one of a number of similar schemes we’re involved in across the UK, where historic sites affected by fuel tanks pose a risk to future site users and controlled waters. Remedial work is now planned for this scheme.


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