Sport Ground Site Investigation, Vetch Field


Parts of the former Vetch football ground in Swansea have been redeveloped as residential properties. Swansea City Council had included a number of ground hazard related conditions on the planning permission. Following an initial desk study and investigation to identify the risks from ground hazards (including soil contamination), a remedial strategy was prepared, and the subsequent groundwork was checked and validated by us in a verification report. This led to the discharge of all related planning conditions.


vetch field, swansea

This sport ground site investigation project at the former home of Swansea City Football Club is part of a long history of similar projects in Wales. For example, with our longstanding client South Wales Sports Grounds and at a few more well-known locations, having previously implemented a geoenvironmental assessment at Ninian Park, the former Cardiff City stadium in 2005. Retired founding partners Roly Edwards, John Campbell and Steve Rice also implemented various groundwater studies at the ‘old’ Cardiff Arms Park national stadium for the Cardiff Bay Barage.

Site investigation atThe Vetch’ identified the presence Made Ground which contained elevated levels of arsenic, and polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) compounds.  A hazardous ground gas risk was also identified.

We prepared a remedial strategy which included the construction of a clean cover layer in external landscaped areas.  The clean cover system was agreed with regulators and recommendations were made to the design of external areas so that sufficient thickness of remedial cover layer could be constructed.  Recommendations were also provided as to the suitable construction of raised planters.   We also prepared an implementation and verification plan for the remedial works, including recommendations for sampling/testing frequency and the provision of verification assessment criteria.

During construction, we visited the site as required by the project team and undertook verification of the remedial works. Imported fill was assessed for its suitability for use within the cover layer, and the placed cover layer materials were checked for thickness, sampled and tested against the agreed assessment criteria.

On completion, a verification report summarising the results of the verification works and demonstrating compliance with the remedial strategy was prepared by us and the ground hazard related planning conditions were successfully discharged. Part of the site is now utilised as allotment gardens #vetchveg


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