Site Reclamation, West Midlands


We were previously retained as geotechnical and mining consultants on this site reclamation which had a long history of industrial degradation until the decision to restore the land was taken.

An initial phase of opencast mining provided funds and the opportunity to deal with widespread contamination. Significant technical difficulties were overcome including high pressure water flows from old mine shafts and compaction of over 70m depth of backfill.


The ‘Wednesbury Alps’. The spoils heaps from open cast coal mining on the former Patent Shaft site in the early 1990’s. Photo credit:

Ground hazards that we successfully dealt with during the site reclamation included:

  • Recovery of regional groundwater levels following cessation of mine pumping;
  • Adequate delineation of ‘no-build’ zones associated with buried walls of the opencast mine;
  • Extensive contamination including remnants from a chemical works;
  • Varying settlement of the backfill associated with location of overburden stockpiles.

After completion of mining, the site passed into the ownership of the Black Country Development Corporation. A rigorous approach was needed to provide assurance to potential developers and their advisors that the site was both commercially and environmentally viable. Chemical and physical testing and foundation certifications were provided.


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