SERC Rail – Earthworks Design


A geotechnical design considering the complex soft ground conditions of the Severn Estuary was successfully completed. The design considered the impacts of the new earthwork on adjacent existing structures and assets. The analysis made predictions on immediate, primary and secondary settlement and this information was used to inform the design of vertical drains.


ESP were appointed to provide Earthworks Design Services. This involves the construction of a new transition embankment (approx. 185m long).

The transition embankment will support the railway down from the existing Avonmouth Branch Line on to
newly reinstated railway sidings.  The reinstated sidings will require that that an existing earthwork be widened to accommodate the new sidings’ layout, the extent of the widening is about 400m long.

Both these constructions will require the installation of band drains to speed the consolidation of the ground beneath the earthworks and thus control the rate of settlement that will occur.

Services Provided:

  • Engineering design inc. ‘for construction’ drawings
  • Optioneering
  • Settlement analysis
  • Network Rail approvals

Case Study Download:

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