Rock Slope Assessment; Station Road, Pontrhydyfen


The Client had extended his garden by excavating into a rock slope and the Local Planning Authority required an engineering/geological report to demonstrate the stability of the excavated slope, or mitigation measures required to maintain safety in the long term.

We undertook a geotechnical inspection of the slope and of rock exposures available in the vicinity to assess the risks to residents via a number of potential failure mechanisms. We also provided recommendations for cost effective remedial measures, including those required immediately to protect neighbouring third-party land which contained a graveyard. The remedial works assessment required careful consideration due to the particular site constraints.


Rock Slope Assessment

We initially undertook a desk study review of historical and geological information for the local area to establish the geological setting of the excavated rock slope before implementing a Rock Slope Assessment.  This was followed by a careful geotechnical inspection of the soil and rock materials within the excavated slope face.

Assessing the findings from nearby rock exposures, it was clear that the rock blocks within the excavated slope had moved.  The kinematic potential for various rock and soil slope failure mechanisms was assessed, and a number of remedial options were recommended based on the calculated level of risk.


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