Retrospective Coal Mining Risk Assessment, Pontypridd


ESP were instructed to provide a retrospective Coal Mining Risk Assessment for a development on a parcel of land near Pontypridd, South Wales. Our instruction followed concerns from the Coal Authority, raised through the Local Authority during the planning process that an assessment had not been made.


The historical maps and Coal Authority data showed the presence of an adit entrance to the south of the site which formally had railway tracks entering the mine entrance.  This suggested that the adit was relatively well used for access to mine workings in the area.

Mine shafts were noted in neighbouring areas and were likely linked to the adit and underground workings.  The abandonment plans obtained for the site showed the workings and access tunnels below the site and a combination of assessment of levels.

Understanding of the geology and the site information enabled us to demonstrate that although there is a legacy of coal mining in the area, the risk to the structure was low.

We worked with the client directly and undertook a phased approach to our assessment to ensure that the services were in line with the brief.  We updated the client regularly with emerging information and are happy to say that our assessment was delivered in a timely manor in line with costs initially quoted.


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