Oil Field Developments, Iraq


The foundation options assessment included an evaluation of collapse potential, dissolution and sulphate attack in the near-surface gypsiferous soils. Assessments of bearing capacities and settlements were provided, along with strategies to mitigate such settlements beneath highly sensitive structures.


ESP have been involved in a number of proposed oil field developments on virgin sites across southern Iraq and Kurdistan.  Initially we undertook a desk study review for each of the sites, identifying the potential ground hazards, followed by a specification for a recommended intrusive investigation.

The investigations were undertaken by local Iraqi companies and the results were provided to ESP to evaluate and provide design advice for the UK Contractor.

Services Provided:

  • Identification of potential geotechnical hazards in desert environments.
  • Preparation of bespoke specification for intrusive investigation.
  • Assessment of investigation report (completed by local contractors).
  • Provision of foundation design advice for oil tanks, pipelines and plant roads.

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