Materials Management Plan, Fountains Close, Feltham


Using available information and the experience of our in-house CL:AiRE Qualified Person, we enabled site of origin material re-use by robustly demonstrating suitability, quantity and certainty of use criteria were met in accordance with the CL:AiRE Definition of Waste Code of Practice.

This enabled discharge of planning conditions, funding and ensured the success of this cost effective and environmentally sustainable approach. Continual liaison between us and Bouygues throughout ensured a very tight deadline was met. Phase 2 is set to commence soon and we have been engaged to validate material re-use.


To provide topsoil for amenity and garden areas and subsoil to fulfill earthworks/construction requirements for this proposed residential development in Feltham, Bouygues implemented a Materials Management Plan (MMP) which is an environmentally sustainable operation re-using soils sourced from the site of origin.

The regeneration, which will provide a mix of flats and houses for affordable rent and shared ownership, is set to significantly transform Fountains Close.

To enable this, a Materials Management Plan was developed in accordance with Route B of the CL:AiRE DoWCoP (confirmed by ESP) which was reviewed by a Qualified Person and submitted to CL:AiRE. Phase 1 of the development works were undertaken between 2016 and 2018, and we were engaged to validate the re-use had been undertaken in accordance with the MMP.

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The DoWCoP enables:

  • Direct transfer and reuse of clean naturally occurring soil materials between sites;
  • The conditions to support the establishment/operation of fixed soil treatment facilities;
  • Reuse of both contaminated/uncontaminated materials on their site of origin and between sites within defined Cluster projects.

The DoWCoP provides a clear, consistent and efficient process which enables the reuse of excavated materials on-site or their movement between sites. Use of the DoWCoP supports the sustainable and cost-effective development of land. It can provide an alternative to Environmental Permits or Waste Exemptions.

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