Killan Road, Dunvant, Swansea


Through detailed liaison with the client, contractors and stake-holders, ESP provided ground investigation services culminating in the recommendation of detailed investigation works tailored for the positive identification of potential on site mine entries, shallow coal workings and assessment of ground gas migration from Made Ground and historic coal mining infrastructure.


ESP were engaged to provide ground investigation services to classify the shallow and deep geology, the mining history, potential for presence of mine entries and provision of recommendations for detailed investigation:

  • Field engineer supervision.
  • Detailed historical Desk Study and assessment of coal mining risks.
  • Trial Pit logging.
  • Geotechnical & geoenvironmental testing.
  • Recommendations for positive identification of mine entries and other geoenvironmental aspects.

Services Provided:

  • Historical Coal Mining Risk Assessment.
  • Ground investigation.
  • Interpretive reporting.
  • Provision of recommendations for detailed investigation.

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