Jemca Toyota, Kingston Upon Thames, London


Through detailed liaison with the client, sub-contractors and stakeholders, ESP provided site and ground investigation services culminating in the locating and removal of historic fuel tanks. Subsequent phases of works included detailed assessment of residual risks to Controlled Waters.


ESP were engaged to provide ground investigation services to classify geology, assessment of contamination and remediation services for an active car dealership.

  • Field engineer supervision.
  • Mini borehole and trial pit logging.
  • Controlled Waters Risk Assessment.
  • Excavation and removal of fuel tanks.
  • Detailed logistical planning.
  • Geoenvironmental Testing.
  • Assessment of residual risks and validation reporting.

Services Provided:

  • Ground investigation contracting.
  • Interpretive reporting.
  • Identification of complicated source, pathway, receptor relationships.
  • Controlled Waters Risk Assessment.
  • Identification of buried historic fuel tank.
  • Excavation and removal of fuel tanks.

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