Haverfordwest Site Investigation


We successfully delivered a ground investigation in logistically challenging areas with numerous health and safety considerations to enable public realm accessibility improvements on the River Cleddau in Haverfordwest. The project team and stakeholders were updated throughout and the investigation was successfully completed to the satisfaction of the Client, retrieving the required design information whilst minimising public interference and risk.


To inform the design of a new footbridge across the Western Cleddau River in the town centre of Haverfordwest, ESP were appointed to undertake a site investigation consisting of cable percussion boreholes, hand excavated trial pits, groundwater and surface water monitoring.

The investigation points were located on the quayside, which consisted of a potentially sensitive paved pedestrian area for the neighbouring shopping centre/district and management of public access throughout would be vital to undertake the works safely. In addition, working near water and the presence of existing structures and utilities required careful consideration.

In advance of the works, a walkover was undertaken with the Client, the shopping centre manager and the investigation team to discuss the works, agree the investigation locations and the mitigation measures required. A pedestrian and traffic management plan was outlined in our construction phase plan which also included a detailed programme to ensure all involved were aware of our planned movements.

Due to the proximity to the river and shallow groundwater in connection with it, consistent management of water levels when progressing the boreholes was key to ensure good recovery below the water table (by limiting blowing sands) and representative in-situ strength measurements when undertaking SPT testing.


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