Experience in the Middle East, Africa and Hong Kong


Equipment in Yemen

The planning supervision and assessment of numerous site investigations for a range of commercial and infrastructure developments in the Middle East.

Geotechnical design for some twenty harbour developments across the United Arab Emirates.

Design, supervision and direction of grouting cavernous ground for generators at Das Island Power Station.

Design of rock cuttings and embankments associated with Dubai Aqr road in the Oman mountains.

Detailed physical and geochemical investigations of settlement at Dubai Dry Dock. The cause was determined as solution of evaporates in the calcarenite bedrock. Hydraulic gradients imposed by the dock floor dewatering wells increased solution and removed foundation support from the dock caissons.

Detailed physical and geochemical investigations of settlement at Mina Jebel Ali dock walls and offshore reclamation area.

John Campbell – Eighteen months as materials engineer with Frank E. Basil Consulting Engineers. The Materials engineer responsible for the selection testing and quality control of all materials required for the construction of the military airbase at Taif in Saudi Arabia.

Site investigation works and reconnaissance mapping for roads in Gharian Libya.

Investigation and design of remedial measures for the water catchments in Gibralter.

Symvoulous Dam, Cyprus – Earth Science Partnership designed and supervised two phases of remediation for a leaking dam.

  • Carefully costed and controlled remedial grouting at reservoir sites where the value of water saved was estimated to be far greater than the cost of the works;
  • Construction of interceptor wells downstream of leaking reservoirs to capture lost groundwater, for immediate use or recirculation.

ESP was employed by the Minister of Development in Brunei to draw together the existing geotechnical data and develop a consistent means of interpreting it so that it could be collated and stored in a central national archive.

Hydrogeological impact assessment in the Yemen Desert. This involved assessing potential impacts of proposed infrastructure associated with hydrocarbon prospecting. Matthew Eynon, an Associate of ESP, undertook the works over a fortnight which involved nearly two weeks of studies carried out in the desert under the protection of a Yemenese Army Escort.

Responsible for all geotechnical design for Tsuen Wan New Town infrastructure. Leading a multidiscipline team engaged in various development projects in Hong Kong including urban highways, bridges, rapid transit systems, extensions to Hong Kong’s container port. The design and assessment of deep cutting retaining walls including anchored structures and the assessment of slope stability and foundation design problems associated with urban and coastal development works.

ESP Staff in YemenEngaged on a variety of projects concerned with the redevelopment and reclamation of derelict land in Hong Kong. Executive engineer in the reservoir inspection unit involved reporting on statutory inspections and safety aspects of large dams. Geotechnical design and supervision in chief of 14m high earth dam on soft foundation. Planning supervision and interpretation of site investigation and geotechnical design for Langkawi International Airport Malaysia.

Developing and implementing procedures to monitor and improve material durability in Middle East conditions – particularly reinforced concrete and breakwater rock.

Condition survey of Deira Shindagah tunnel, Dubai.

Condition survey of Khor Fakkan harbour, Dubai.

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