Llanbradach Train Station


Targeted investigation and rapid assessment of a slope wash-out failure.

Geotechnical assessment allowed best option solution to be agreed.

Ongoing risk of rail track failure reduced significantly.


Llanbradach-Train-Station2ESP recently reacted to the requirement for emergency assessment and stabilisation works due to a railway embankment failure at Llanbradach Train Station. The before-and-after situation is shown on the photos above.

Flooding caused by heavy rainfall resulted in a wash-out of the railway embankment and the line was closed for over a week. A brief timeline of our involvement is provided below.

  • Day 1: Initial Inspection and Assessment;
  • Day 2: Site Investigation Commenced;
  • Day 3: Initial Site Investigation Data Update;
  • Day 4: Engineering Design Complete;
  • Day 5: Network Rail Approval.

The investigation involved desk study and intrusive works comprising a series of trial pits, driven sample boreholes and dynamic probing to develop a geotechnical Conceptual Model and assess spatial and temporal changes in ground conditions as a result of both the flooding event and effects of ground movement.

The ESP gabion revetment design, once confirmed with Network Rail, was completed by the contractor within seven days. The solution affords suitable protection from future ground movement or washout failures allowing unrestricted continuation of rail services.

Recommendations for the management of the residual risks have been implemented given the proximity of the extremely sensitive infrastructure.

The client benefited directly as a result of our assessment through rapid delivery and positive communication throughout.

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