East Street, Bridgend


Targeted investigation and assessment of a proposed development site. Assessment of the potential environmental liabilities as a result of former land use. Potential liabilities identified, remediation requirement confirmed.


oil ground water

oil tanksESP undertook a preliminary geoenvironmental investigation on behalf of our client, the potential purchaser of the site. The objective was to develop a Conceptual Model of the site and its environs for pre-purchase consideration.

The investigation involved a comprehensive desk study and intrusive works comprising a series of trial pits, rotary boreholes with monitoring to confirm temporal changes in site conditions.

Based on the valuable data obtained as a result of the investigation the site was confirmed as presenting a potentially significant risk to controlled waters and end users. A reduction in soil, vapour and dissolved phase organic contaminants (fuels, VOCs & SVOCs) is considered necessary prior to redevelopment. Management of the residual risks would also be required given the proximity of extremely sensitive controlled water receptors.

The client benefited directly as a result of our investigation through a phased approach and by confirming the potential scale of remedial costs prior to any legal contracts being completed. The value of the site in real terms was found to be affected significantly by the geoenvironmental conditions proved by ESP.

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