Desk Study: Residential Development, Cardiff


We delivered an integrated geotechnical and geoenvironmental Desk Study to inform the feasibility and masterplan for this proposed residential development on a currently vacant area of land in Cogan, near Cardiff. Our assessment was delivered on time and within budget for a multi-client project team.


Desk Study

An initial Desk Study assessment was commissioned in advance of other works. The aim was to determine the likely Conceptual Ground Model (CGM) for the site, including a review of the history and environmental context alongside the anticipated geological conditions.

We identified a CGM that comprises a level plateau leading to a steeply sloping site, bordered by two major roads, a railway and the River Ely. Ground conditions comprise very thick Made Ground, followed by low strength/highly compressible alluvial deposits and bedrock of the Jurassic and Triassic.  Some of the strata have the potential for significant pyritic heave.

The land was occupied by railway lines and sidings, with extensive earthworks recorded, linked to these historical uses.

The findings of our site investigation are to be used for early decisions on development feasibility, outline design and will be supplemented by ecology and traffic assessments.

Once the feasibility of the development is confirmed, it will be necessary to undertake an Exploratory Investigation. The aim of this will be to confirm the Conceptual Ground Model from the Desk Study and address other aspects in detail, such as the potential for contamination to be present, geotechnical stability, flood risk and sustainable drainage options.

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