Brynrhyd Solar Farm, Carmarthenshire


Our client required an efficient ground investigation to enable the design of a large solar farm on land in Carmarthenshire. Our work provided accurate ground investigation data and soakaway infiltration testing in a short period of time to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.


The proposed solar farm covers three agricultural sites and was crossed by numerous statutory services, including two high pressure gas mains.  This required careful planning of the investigation to confirm easements from high pressure gas mains and access to different areas of the farms.

Once access arrangements were agreed, the investigation was executed to be mindful of working within live farms to obtain accurate and meaningful information for the proposed solar farm.  Numerous trial pits and soakaway infiltration tests were undertaken and safety of the works was considered paramount and all excavations were fenced off. Our inputs included:

  • Liaison between several land and asset owners with project management;
  • Supervision of ground investigations in accordance with BS5930;
  • Soakaway investigation in accordance with BRE 365;
  • Logging of trial pits and recording soakaway tests;
  • Geo-environemtnal testing; and
  • Reporting providing investigation information.

Given the size of the proposed solar farm which covers numerous hectares, it crossed numerous different superficial deposits and bedrock strata.  All were inspected, recorded and logged by our qualified and experienced engineering geologists. Upon completion of the excavations, soakaway testing in full accordance with BRE 365 testing was carried out by our engineers.

We maintined good communication prior to, during and following the investigation to ensure emerging conditions were relayed to the client team so that an appropriate design could be confirmed.

The investigation and report to the client was achieved in agreed timeframes which enable the solar farm design to be completed by the client on time.

The scheme aims to generate enough electricity to power approximately 10,000 homes per year as well as saving ~525,000 tonnes of CO2 over 35 years. Construction is estimnated to contribute around £3.5 million in gross value added to the economy.


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