Barry Waterfront Development, Controlled Waters Risk Assessment and Settlement


The Quays is a modern, mixed-use development providing up to 2,000 new homes together with a host of local amenities for the area, including waterfront cafés, bars and restaurants as well as shops, a new primary school, parks and play spaces. A new link road through to Barry Island and retail superstore are also key to the overall development proposals.

Studies comprised Controlled Water Risk Assessment, Preloading and Surcharging Strategy, Foundation Options Review. We incorporated available historic information to enable a controlled waters risk assessment and develop remedial objectives. This overcame regulator concerns and enabled development and remediation to commence.

Foundation options review and development of preloading/surcharging strategy to mitigate settlements allowed development program and contractor sequencing to be finalised so that the site preparation contracts could be agreed.


Barry Docks has a significant history, having been a former estuary that was dammed and infilled to create the docklands from the 1880s and over time used as railway land, bulk oil storage/tank farms and railway repair yards.

A significant volume of investigation and risk assessment work had been undertaken across the former docklands and subsequently ESP were appointed to review and coordinate the available reports and findings to discharge planning conditions via Controlled Waters Risk Assessment and to refine project sequencing that would allow the development to commence.

Supplementary site investigation, sampling and testing in soil, leachate and groundwater phases was required to update and finalise the Controlled Waters Risk Assessment, which incorporated contaminant fate and transport modelling and derivation of remedial targets and objectives. Contaminants of concern were refined and organic pollutants identified as the compounds requiring remedation to reduce environmental risks.














Investigation using Cone Penetrometer Testing (CPT) with dissipation testing enabled us to provide estimates of consolidation settlement, settlement durations and an the design of a strategy to accelerate settlements so that the development program and sequencing could be finalised.



We have a long history of working in areas with significant industrial history that are underlain by thick alluvial deposits and are highly experienced in identifying the locations, hazards and risks posed. Please get in touch to discuss your project and how we can help.


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