New Road Interchange: Baldwin’s Crescent, Swansea


The eastern approach to Swansea along Fabian Way is to be reprofiled, which will involve the construction of a new interchange for the new access to the docks. We developed a scope with the Local Authority client and then undertook an investigation of the area of the proposed new interchange to provide information on the ground and groundwater setting for the design of the scheme.


The site investigation was scoped in conjunction with the Client to suit site constraints and encountered ground conditions.  It comprised deep cable percussion and dry sampled boreholes to in excess of 50m, coring of bedrock, installation and monitoring of groundwater wells, laboratory testing and geotechnical assessment.

Our Conceptual Ground Model identified a probable buried cliff line, which would have had a significant impact on the construction project programme and costs if it had not been identified.


Our interpretative report provided an assessment of the geotechnical constraints for the development, and recommendations to mitigate risks from compressible ground, running sands, expansive slag and sulphate attack.



Testimonial from the City and County of Swansea Principal Engineer

“ESP were engaged by Swansea Council to undertake site investigation works in connection with proposed realignment and provision of a grade separated interchange on Fabian Way in Swansea.  The site investigation works comprised of boreholes to assess ground conditions for both proposed new structures and approach embankments.  As located on and adjacent to a busy dual carriageway the required SI works were undertaken out of normal hours to mitigate against traffic delays arising from temporary traffic management.  ESP employed specialist sub-contractors for the proposed TM and these plans submitted and approved by Swansea Council without any amendments required.   The design of the proposed realignment necessitated access for the SI on private land not in ownership of the Council.  This required sensitive negotiation and agreement with the respective owners; for this to take place, which ESP undertook with no issues arising.

Early discussion took place between Swansea Council and ESP in respect to borehole locations to minimise TM requirements and Swansea Council would welcome similar discussions in future projects to minimise impact on the general public whilst also still achieving the required information.

The results of the SI including detailed borehole logs, interpretative report and soil contamination testing were received to agreed timescales.

Swansea Council would seek to utilise the expert services of ESP in the future.”

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