Airwalls for Ground Gas Control


The Problem of Landfill Gas

The Problem of Landfill Gas

Conventional Solutions

Conventional Solution

The Airwall Solution

Airwalls for ground gas control

  • The air pressure bulb extends down to twice the depth of the input well, ensuring a good seal with the groundwater table.
  • During commissioning, the system is proven using tracer gas testing to ensure pressure balance.
  • Continuous monitoring of vent pipe gasses with active control of input pressures is available.
  • There is potential for extending the wells below groundwater level and removing residual dissolved gasses using bubble technology.



Technical & Quality Management

Technical and Quality ManagementAll sites are thoroughly investigated before an Air Wall is recommended. Potential gas flowpaths are identified using pulse pressure testing and, where appropriate, tracer gas tests.

The Air Wall is provable; on-site monitoring can demonstrate performance and any residual leakage can be rectified by increasing air input pressure and/or installing fill-in wells.

The Air Wall is offered by Environmental Partnerships (UK) Limited, a joint venture between Earth Science Partnership Limited and Prestige Air Technology. The former undertakes design and development and the latter undertakes site installation.

Acknowledgements are due to the National Assembly for Wales, which has supported the development of Air Wall most generously with grant aid.

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