Abergavenny Police Station


We were appointed as specialist consultants by the Client to provide an Earthwork Specification, following by supervision and validation of the implemented earthworks. An excavate and replace exercise was required to allow development of external access, parking and hardstanding areas of a new Police Facility.

Following provision of, review and discussion of an Earthwork specification, ESP were to attend site, view ongoing earthworks, supervise the placement of earthwork fill. The supervision and validation required on-site and laboratory testing to confirm the ongoing compliance of the materials being used.

The assessment was undertaken in line with good practice documents such as BS6031, Series 600 & BS1377. We provided support throughout the project and provided a validation report on the implementation and suitability of the earthworks.


A Police Facility was proposed in Abergavenny and included areas of access, parking and hardstanding for which high geotechnical performance/tolerances were imposed by the Designer. As such an excavate and replace exercise was required to remove low strength Made Ground and fine (clay) soils, and to replace with engineered fill, placed in line with earthworks guidance.

As part of initial stages, we were required to review third party investigation and reporting data and determine if any site won soils could be reused in the excavate and replace works. This was followed by a waste characterisation and disposal assessment of soils to be removed from site.

Following this, we compiled and presented an Earthworks Specification to allow in the import and placement of clean, coarse (granular) fill in all areas of previous cut. We facilitated pre-import assessment of the chemical and geotechnical properties of the fill prior to import to site.





As part of ongoing verification, we attended site regularly to view the ongoing placement of the imported fill, collect samples for ongoing compliance testing (to ensure imported materials remained homogenous). We also facilitated in-situ density testing of the placed materials to ensure that the placement was achieving the required compaction.

On completion of all works, we reviewed all pre-import, supervisory and verification information in order to provide the client with a Validation Report, outlining the approach, methodology and suitability of the earthworks.


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