World Soil Day 2022

Today, ESP celebrates World Soil Day 2022 in order to bring awareness to the importance of healthy soil and sustainable management of soil resources. World Soil Day adopts a different theme each year to highlight areas needed for action; the theme for this year is Soils, where food begins.

There are eighteen naturally occurring chemical elements that are essential to plants and soils supply fifteen of those, however, about 33% of global soils are degraded. The nutrient imbalance in the soil is one of the leading causes for degradation. Sustainable soil management could produce up to 58% more food which could almost match the expected rise for food demand (60%) expected by 2050.

We can all help by composting any suitable household waste and help nurture the soil. Despite all of the technology in the world, humans still depend on a few centimetres of soil to survive. Soils need varied and balanced nutrients in order to be healthy and nurture life. A loss of soil fertility leads to low crop yield and crop failure, which leads to hunger and malnutrition. When nutrients are in excess, they leak into the environment, polluting water and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Polluted soils put our food chain and the health of the planet at risk.

What can be done to change this? Long-term sustainable soil management practices need to be adopted so soil health can be restored by farmers. Crop diversification and rotation needs promotion; by supporting farmers in bringing soil back to life, we are ensuring the future of our food and our planet.


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