World Mental Health Day 2023

Today is World Mental Health Day recognised by WHO and this year’s theme set by World Federation for Mental Health is ‘Mental health is a universal human right’. It’s a chance to talk about caring for mental health and for those struggling to find help.

We want to bring attention to promoting good mental health in the workplace. Some of the ways in which ESP promote good mental health is through the operation of a four-day week and flexi-time system. This allows employees to have a healthier work-life balance and cope better with the pressures out of work.

Earlier in the year, we also signed the Mental Health at Work Commitment which has provided us with a framework which sets out six clear standards based on what best practice has shown is needed to make a difference and better equip employers to create an environment where employees can thrive.

See below for some great resources which can boost your wellbeing and help:

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