The rising sea levels and our UK coastlines

An interesting read linked below shows how UK scientists have found that the rising sea levels are accelerating the rate at which our rocky coastlines are eroding.  Two coastal sites located at Bideford, Devon and Scalby, Yorkshire were analysed in the study. The results showed that “[…] these two historically stable UK coastal sites will see cliff retreat rates accelerate by at least 3–7 times the present rates under current projections for sea-level rise. This equates to cliff positions retreating by 10–14 m at Bideford and 13–22 m at Scalby.” To read more about this study, visit here.

The findings show how climate change could significantly affect our coastlines in the UK. A possible consequence of rising sea levels is a severe risk of flooding. The consequences of flooding can be severe and present significant risks to people and property. The prime objective of a Flood Consequence Assessment (FCA) is to develop a full appreciation of the risks and consequences of flooding and demonstrate the development can be implemented with minimal risk to life and property, without increasing flood risk elsewhere. We have been producing Flood Consequences Assessment in Wales for over 15 years (see our Caerphilly Case Study as an example).


Science for Environment Policy”: European Commission DG Environment News Alert Service, edited by the Science Communication Unit, The University of the West of England, Bristol.)

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