The Casamicciola Lanslide of Ischia, Italy

In November of 2022, in the island of Ischia, Italy, a landslide occurred, now named the Casamicciola Landslide. It is believed to have been triggered by heavy rainfall. An analysis by Romeo et al. 2023 published in the journal Landslides shows the volume of the large landslide at approximately 40,000 cubic metres. This is considered a large landslide for a small area. Data on the landslide includes rainfall records, field mapping and a record of the landslide movement.

An interesting article states the following- “The authors conclude that the failure occurred in saturated debris high on the slope, with contributions from rockfalls and smaller debris flows along the track,  The landslide turned into a classic channelised debris flow.  Unfortunately deposition did not start until Casamicciola had been reached, meaning that the buildings took the full force of the flow.  The peak velocity was in the range of 20 metres per second.”

ESP has extensive experience in Landslides, to find out more and read case studies, visit here. One of our most exemplary case studies involves our work with the Pantteg Landslide, more information on this case study can be found here.



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