Sustainable Merchandise Launch for ESP’s Hywel Davies & Band ‘Dead Shed Jokers’

ESP’s Technical Manager, Hywel Davies, is also lead singer of the rock band Dead Shed Jokers. The band, whose latest album, ‘All the Seasons’ was released at the end of last year, recently celebrated the launch of their new range of sustainable merchandise.

ESP purchased items  from the new range for all of our staff members. The organic shirts are supplied by Teemill who produce sustainable products through the use of organic farming and processing, natural packaging and the use of renewable energy. The entire production process of each item can be traced from seed to shop and every product made is designed to eventually be returned and remade. 

You can check out the full range of DSJ merchandise on the band’s website here and their latest album is also available here. Hywel told us ”To have your employer support and help enable your creative ambitions is wonderful and rare, and the band are very grateful for all the help ESP have given us over the years.” 

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