‘Passive’ Geotechnical Structures

Slope stabilisation works at Lyme Regis were completed in 2015. Part of the scheme included a row of piles to protect land lying above a large mobile soil mass, which was not to be stabilised. In turn these were secured at their heads using anchors; a passive geotechnical structure.

Lyme RegisEarth Science Partnership Technical Director and RoGEP Advisor, Dr Mark O’Neill, was involved with the geotechnical design of this scheme. Mark noted on a recent visit to Lyme Regis how these piles are now beginning to work; the soils in front of the piles have moved over the winter period and the upper portion of the piles have now been revealed; it is only as this movement occurs that they begin to act as a retaining structure.

This is how part of the project appears at present with the soil mass mobilising away from the piled structures:


A summary of the overall scheme can be found here. We’re confident that our approach to similar issues across the UK and beyond has the potential to benefit your project, so get in touch and see what we can do!



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