Nordic Built Cities Challenge Awards

Through 2016 Earth Science Partnership were part of a team submission, lead by Hyde + Hyde Architects, for the Nordic Built Cities Challenge Awards.


The background for the Nordic Built Cities Challenge is the unprecedented urbanisation that characterises the 21st century. Resource scarcity, climate change and population increase pose challenges to the cities of the world. The situation creates a global market for innovative solutions for our urban environment – and the overall aim of the Nordic Built Cities Challenge is to contribute to the development and visualisation of Nordic innovative solutions for liveable, smart and sustainable cities.


A key feature of our submission was that the housing volumes make no direct contact with the hillside, but are placed on basalt lava gabion walls. Elevating the volumes considerably reduced the need for cutting into the site, creates comfortable outdoor environments and allows for new sustainable solutions such as harvesting wind power.


Although our combined submission didn’t win (one for the future!), our team was awarded a substantial grant for demonstrating Nordic collaboration.


Other team members from the UK included Mann Williams Structural Engineers, Holloway Partnership Services Engineers and Melin Energy Consultants. Further details about the challenge are available here: and Hyggie.pdf

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