New Soil Quality British Standards Published: BS EN ISO 16133:2018 and 15175:2018

Two new British Standards have been published in relation to the subject of soil quality:

BS EN ISO 15175:2018
“Soil Quality – Characterization of contaminated soil related to groundwater protection”

This document provides guidance on the principles behind, and main methods for, the evaluation of sites, soils and soil materials in relation to their role as a source of contamination of groundwater and their function in retaining, releasing and transforming contaminants. It is focused on contaminated land management identifying and strategies, methods for sampling, soil processes and analytical methods.

BS EN ISO 16133:2018 
“Soil Quality – Guidance on the establishment and maintenance of monitoring programmes”

This document gives general guidance on the selection of procedures for the establishment and maintenance of programmes for long-term monitoring of soil quality. It takes into account the large number of objectives for soil-monitoring programmes.

This document is intended to help provide a basis for dialogue between parties which might be involved in a monitoring scheme.

ESP is experienced in performing tiered risk assessments, using methodologies dictated within published guidance, and using quantitative risk assessment models, to derive site specific remedial targets for a range of receptors. These include health assessments from soil contamination, controlled water risks assessments, and ground gas assessments.

See our Contaminated Land Risk Assessment page and our Projects and Technical page to see how we utilise these guidance documents in our daily practices.

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