A new maritime Centre for Porthcawl!

Some great news for Porthcawl, the new maritime centre has secured £2.1m in EU funding, to help fund the regeneration.

The Porthcawl Maritime Centre will be a real asset for the community, encouraging more visitors to the already popular area. It will include various facilities, including exercise and watersports, a coastal centre and even an outdoor theatre.

ESP are very pleased to have been associated with the development by carrying out the Flood Consequence Assessment.

“FCA undertaken as Welsh Assembly Government “Development Advice Maps” identifies the site as being bounded on three sides by Zone C2; defined as being an area of the floodplain without significant flood defence  infrastructure, including flood defences. The FCA was undertaken in order to satisfy the requirements of Technical Advice Note 15 which states “only less vulnerable development should be considered subject to the application of a justification test, including acceptability of consequences”.

The FCA demonstrated that the surrounding ground levels exceed the predicted peak still water levels for the modelled test events and therefore the still water would not enter the property at ground level and satisfied the requirements of TAN15. However, the designers were advised that below ground structures were proposed, they should satisfy themselves that suitably robust waterproofing/tanking considerations are incorporated into the design if groundwater was expected to rise during high tide events.”

More information can be found at the link:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-east-wales-39029868

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