Landslides and Subsidence: engineering geology in an age of austerity

Subsidence of buildings, the collapse of old mine workings, the movement of landslides and other problems in the ground can affect us all as householders and as users of our complex national infrastructure that is built on or in the ground.

The below video contains a Lecture by David Shilston (former GSL President) given at the Geological Society as part of the 2013 Shell London Lecture series.

A broad overview of these ground problems within the UK and internationally is taken and it explores causes and illustrates how engineering geological expertise can be used to eliminate or reduce their impacts. Mindful of the modern economics, he suggests an answer to a topical question: how should our approach to problems in the ground be changed or adapted in an age of austerity?

A worthwhile watch for anyone who deals with ground-related issues.


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