Land Contamination: Republication of LCRM which replaced CLR11

The Environment Agency (EA) has recently republished the Land Contamination Risk Management (LCRM) which replaces CLR11.




The EA addressed feedback on the technical content and structure of LCRM and the guidance is now presented as 4 guides:

  1. Before you start the risk management process
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Options appraisal
  4. Remediation and verification

Reporting requirement checklists have now been included at the end of each stage and the site investigation section is now an integral part of the risk assessment guide. The revised guides have incorporated feedback, including that on:

  • Technical content
  • Practical matters such as usability, printing, navigation and search
  • Layout and structure including a lack of clarity over stages and tiers
  • Suggestions for new content such as unexploded ordnance, communicating the risk, piling, geotechnical links and treatability studies
  • More alignment to British Standards for the site investigation section

The EA have now formally withdrawn CLR11. 

Find out more about Contaminated Land Risk Assessment on the capabilities section of our website. 

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