International Women In Engineering Day- #INWED19

This year, International Women in Engineering Day takes place on 23rd June 2019. The international awareness campaign, organised by The Women’s Engineering Society (WES) aims to raise the profile of women in engineering and focus attention on the amazing career opportunities available to girls in this exciting industry.


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In 2019, as well as celebrating their sixth INWED, the Women’s Engineering Society are also celebrating 100 years since their foundation in 1919. 

At ESP, we promote gender diversity and equality within engineering. To support this year’s INWED campaign, we asked two female members of our team,  what inspired them to choose a career in engineering, what they enjoy most about their engineering roles and what advice they would give to young females looking to begin a career in the industry.

Emma Kirk, Engineering Geologist: 

”Engineering geology was not a discipline I was aware of until I had begun my university career and it is a specialty I fell into by lucky coincidence. My job has provided an opportunity to work in a variety of environments and with colleagues across a range of disciplines. Everyday brings a new experience and challenge, be that within the office environment or whilst at the centre of construction projects. My advice to anyone pursuing a career in engineering would be to ensure you have confidence in yourself but also an understanding of your weaknesses and that sometimes it is OK to not know the right answer.”

Rebecca Cross, Technician:

”Like Emma, I would say that the most enjoyable aspects of working in Engineering Geology are the challenges that are presented every day – whether it be out on site, or researching and reporting in the office, we constantly encounter new conditions that challenge our perceptions and require innovative solutions. It’s also great engaging with clients and developers who are changing the way in which we approach development, to promote a more sustainable future in construction.

My advice to anyone pursuing a career in Engineering Geology would be to gain as much experience as possible but also to not let a lack of experience put you off – I didn’t originally train to follow a career in Engineering Geology but there are plenty of companies out there, including ESP, that offer fantastic opportunities to train on the job and make a worthwhile career path for yourself.”

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