ESP joins Wales Climate Week 2022

Wales Climate Week 2022 is taking place from 21st to 25th November to highlight the contribution that the general public can make in tackling climate change. ESP staff have participated in some of the virtual conferences taking place throughout the week as we strive to continuously make an impact on this important issue.

One of the interesting conferences attended was Applying Behavioural Science in Responding to the Climate Crisis. The conference gave tips on how to increase likelihood of effective climate-related behaviour. Some examples are promoting the immediate benefits of such behaviours, making new habits Normal, Easy, Attractive and Routine (NEAR), and using positive language around the issue rather than the normal doom and gloom seen in the news. Audiences need to know what they can do, have the motivation and the opportunity to implement the new behaviours. To find out more on this topic, click here.

ESP have made efforts internally and externally to make a difference and tackle climate change. Within our company-

  • we give staff the opportunity to recycle everything where possible
  • we have solar panels installed to influence greener energy
  • we operate our heating using a Nest system to monitor and control energy usage
  • we are making efforts to go paperless where possible, auditing and reducing printer usage
  • we have several electric cars within our fleet
  • we continue to work from home as much as possible to reduce staff commutes/emissions and their carbon footprints
  • we continue to operate a 4-day working week so staff are reducing their environmental impact by having one less day to commute
  • we upgraded to more energy efficient laptops
  • annually set and review environmental goals

Outside of our company-

ESP will continue to ‘Build Back Better’ and improve sustainability where we can to make the world a better place for future generations. This remains at the heart of ESP, being a big part of who we are and what we do.

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