We’re Building Back Better

‘Building back better’ and continually improving our sustainability remains at the heart of ESP; it’s a big part of who we are and what we do.  

We’re delighted to have recently supported World Land Trust’s initiative to ‘Buy An Acre’ and ‘Plant A Tree’, projects which protect a threatened habitat and save it from risks such as deforestation for agriculture, cattle ranching and development.

Our donation will secure 5 acres of threatened land and see 100 native trees planted to protect tropical forests. The Buy an Acre initiative is currently supporting land purchase in Ecuador and Mexico and the areas ultimately become a nature reserve which will be protected in perpetuity. You can read more about this or donate to the scheme on their website.

We have begun a blended working scheme for all employees, where partial home working reduces use of resources, again reducing our carbon footprint as well as saving resources on commuting. The introduction of this scheme also allows for more flexible and efficient working.

We are also working towards better sustainability through the installation of solar panels at our head office.  The recent installation will reduce our grid energy use and reduce our carbon footprint.

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