ESP An Accredited 4 Day Week Employer

We are delighted to announce that we have recently been accredited as a Gold Standard 4 Day Week employer. During the past year we have adapted our working patterns to allow all staff a blended working week from home, office and site; over four days.

All staff, including those on pro rate contracts now work a 32 hour week or equivalent, at no loss of pay. It has allowed for more efficient working, improved work life balance and has reduced our carbon foot print as individuals and as a company. 

4 Day Week encourages employers to consider the many benefits of making the change; to society, the economy, democracy and to our environment.  



  • Better mental & physical health – more time to recuperate, exercise, socialise and spend time with family.

  • A fairer society – a more equal share of paid and unpaid work, including of caring roles traditionally ascribed to women.

  • Strengthened communities – more time to build relationships, to care for children, the elderly and the disabled.

  • Lower unemployment –  Incredibly, the UK suffers simultaneously from overwork, unemployment and underemployment. A four-day week is an intuitively simple way to rebalance the economy and address many problems.

  • Increased productivity – studies show that working fewer hours would boost the UK’s productivity.

  • Boost to tourism – with more free leisure time, the tourism sector would benefit from people taking more short breaks in the UK.

  • A more sustainable lifestyle – more free time allows us to make environmentally positive choices; cycling and walking instead of driving, cooking with fresh ingredients rather than buying energy-intensive ready meals.

  • A reduced carbon footprint – Research has shown that a four-day week would reduce carbon emissions from electricity production by up to 24%.

  • More time to engage with politics, participate in local campaigns and shape society at a local, national and international level.

We believe that a 4 day week is the future and we are proud to be leading the way as part of this campaign. You can find out more on 4 Day Week’s website here.


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