Get involved with Earth Science Week: 13-21 October 2018

Earth Science Week 2018 has launched!

Earth Science Week is an annual international celebration of the geology all around us. Through public events like geowalks, hands on activities, talks and open days, organisations and individuals aim to raise public awareness of geology and how it affects our lives. Coordinated by the American Geoscience Institute in the US, and the Geological Society of London in the UK & Ireland, the week also takes place in an increasing number of countries around the world.



The core objectives of Earth Science Week are:

  • To engage people in discovering the Earth sciences.
  • To remind people that Earth science is all around us.
  • To promote opportunities available in Earth Science.
  • To encourage geoscientists to share their knowledge and enthusiasm about the Earth.
  • To work with others to illustrate Earth science as a cross-curriculum subject.

This year’s Earth Science Week in the UK & Ireland is 13-21 October 2018, with a theme of ‘Earth science in our lives’. To mark the Geological Society’s Year of Resources, this year focuses on the ways in which geology affects our lives through everyday objects, possessions, products and services, in the home and further afield – often in ways we don’t expect.

There are lots of opportunities to get involved with Earth Science Week 2018. The Geological Society are holding a number of events and exhibitions, including a display in Oystermouth Library available to view all week, or have a look at their ‘Geowalks’ which include self-guided opportunities to explore your local Geology including Bristol, Cardiff and the Gower Peninsula. The Geological Society also invited photography submissions for Earth Science Week with the 12 winning photos being taken in a variety of locations and geological settings from Nash Point in Wales, to as far as the Falklands.

To see the impact that Geology can have on our lives and just how varied it can be across our country, have a look at Ashley Reinhardt’s video ‘The Great Geology Cycle‘ used for the launch of Earth Science Week 2017 in which she cycles the UK and Ireland visiting the 100 Great Geosites.


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