Earth Day 2024 – ‘People vs. Plastics’ and Sustainability at ESP

ESP are re-affirming our commitments and joining the global movement to tackle the issue of plastics pollution following last week’s Earth Day 2024, under the theme of Planet vs Plastics.

The conversations prompted by events such as Earth Day are often relevant to sites we work with – ESP have a strong history of working on projects that require complex environmental considerations, such as our recent work in the historical docklands area along Barry Waterfront, and we are familiar with identifying potential environmental effects of proposed projects, ensuring that the solutions we provide not only benefit our clients but also contribute to the well-being of our environment.

Key cornerstones of our company-wide commitments include reducing energy use & waste output, recycling all possible items and choosing sustainable suppliers with commitments to measurable environmental targets. ESP continually measure and improve on our targets year-round and we believe that through education and awareness, we can inspire large-scale behaviour shifts, similar to how refilling a reusable water bottle has become routine for many.

Our reusable ESP bottles have certainly proven useful in changing our daily habits – get in touch if you’d like one!

If, like us, you value the future of our planet, provide a number of achievable steps you can take to help contribute to the 2024 target of reducing global plastics production, including:

Action 1: Support the Global Plastics Treaty
Action 2: Reject fast fashion
Action 3: Join The Great Global Cleanup – find a cleanup opportunity near you or register your own for others to join

Let’s surpass our recycling & sustainability targets and drive within the industry and our personal lifestyles to work together towards a plastic-free future. Visit our Capabilities page to learn more about our services and how we can work together for a better future.

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