Congratulations to Danilo Bettosi – Chartered Geologist!

We are delighted to announce that our Operations Manager, Danilo Bettosi, has been validated as a Chartered Geologist by the Geological Society based on his academic record, training and professional experience.

“Accreditation as a Chartered Geologist is a sign to clients, regulators, employers and the general public that an individual is a competent professional who can demonstrate a high level of knowledge, skills and experience, and bound by a strict code of professional conduct”.

Dan has been with Earth Science Partnership for ten years, having begun his geoscience career in the oil and gas industry. Over this time, Dan has developed his skills and technical knowledge through his work and dedicated approach to Continual Professional Development.

Dan has said that his professional development will not stop here and he intends to apply for RoGEP membership in the near future (by virtue of the award of CGeol, Dan will qualify at the RoGEP Professional Grade). Well done Dan!

Dan’s acheivement increases the proportion of Chartered Geologists at ESP to a level well beyond many geotechnical and geoenvironmental consultancies in the UK; we look forward to enabling and encouraging future acheivments.

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