Coal Tip Maps Published by Welsh Government

The Welsh Government have published a map which allows people to find disused coal tips across South Wales and their safety categorisation, either A, B C or D. Each coal tip has a unique ID number and the tips are coloured differently according to their category rating.


Coal mining came with waste material that was removed and piled into tips. The storms and heavy rainfall have brought with it a high risk of instability of these tips. The Welsh Government have spent years collecting data on each tip and now they are able to offer this tool to the public. People living close to C and D tips will be invited to attend public meeting and online briefings.


Two sites which ESP have been working on for many years, Godre’r Graig and Pantteg are both categorised as D by the map. This comes as very important news as ESP have spent many years explaining that these two sites are tips with potential to impact public safety.

To read more on our works with the two sites, visit Gordre’r Graig and Pannteg.


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