CL:AIRE Announces Latest Audit Outcomes & Actions – Definition of Waste Code of Practice

CL:AIRE recently completed its latest round of auditing for projects using the Definition of Waste Code of Practice (DoW CoP), the results of which indicated the need for improvement on a range of issues. Following a Board meeting on the 28th March, CL:AIRE announced that it had decided to take immediate steps to mitigate the problem areas and ensure:

  • An increased level of scrutiny is placed on projects and
  • Continued regulator confidence in the system.

Common failings uncovered by the audits were: 

  • Materials Management Plans missing key info and not creating a clear plan;
  • Missing or brief tracking systems;
  • Missing schematics;
  • Poor document and file referencing e.g. not creating a clear audit trail; and
  • No or limited contingency plans or contracts.

In order to begin mitigating the problems that were highlighted, CL:AIRE has announced that it will increase Declaration admin fees from 1st July 2019 and will begin on-going, regular auditing of DoW CoP projects – the process and outcomes of which will be used to feedback to the wider scheme development and be made available to regulators. Plans have also been announced to redesign and develop an improved administration system for the DoW CoP, inc. as and when resources allow- a new focused website, project database system and digitaldocument suite.

See our Waste, Materials, CL:AIRE, QPContaminated Land Risk Assessment page and our Projects and Technical page to see how we utilise CL:AIRE guidance documents in our daily practices.

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