1, 000 Mile Trek for Charity

Our Lewis Doel joined his brother Owen for the final 20 miles of a thousand mile trek around Wales, the sponsors for which are to go towards the opening of a youth training centre in a remote area of Fiji. Owen’s intention is to raise over ten thousand pounds for Global Vision International, an organisation that has been working in this area of Fiji for two years. Owen and his team have put a huge amount of effort and resources into developing local schools, but unfortunately, many students still leave without qualifications.

The absence of vocational training opportunities often results in young men and women returning to their villages without the skills needed to follow any path other than subsistence agriculture. Owen wishes to build a training centre which will provide young Fijians with skills that they can use to develop their communities and increase their prospects for the future.

Please take the time to sponsor Owen. He has achieved such a massive challenge and your donations will make a drastic change to people’s lives.

You can donate to this fantastic cause by clicking on the following links:



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