What you can benefit from…

For £285 (Exc. VAT), the MySite reports contain a wealth of site specific information drawn together from a wide range of data-sources, including a bespoke historical map package (1:2,500 scale) and tailored ground review benefiting from our detailed knowledge of the geological, geoenvironmental and geotechnical conditions across the UK, Europe and beyond.

Each MySite report is written or approved by an Earth Science Partnership Chartered Geologist, Ground Engineering Specialist or Adviser. We understand modern time pressures and our promise is that the MySite hazard appraisal report will be available within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) from commission. Significant benefits of MySite include:

  • Speed – we promise to issue each MySite report within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).
  • Accuracy – the author/approver will be a Chartered Geologist, Ground Engineering Specialist or Adviser.
  • Comprehensive – covering likely hazards.
  • Reliability – Quality data from official sources.
  • Cost effective – Saves time and expense when only initial appraisal is required.
  • Unique – Each report is a bespoke product.
  • Informative – Gain in-depth knowledge of your site at the very earliest stage.
  • Flexible – Online activation and payment and digital issue as a PDF file.

In the event you require a more detailed Desk Study (to satisfy the requirements of CLR11, for example), Walkover Survey, Intrusive Site Investigation or another ESP service, the cost of the MySite report will be fully credited. ESP are able to and experienced at satisfying project requirements across a range of related disciplines.

What is included…?


Download a sample ESP MySite Report (a low resolution version of the final report)

Our MySite report contains the following information and includes a Hazard or Sensitivity Rating for these aspects as a minimum, with additional discussion based on site-specific additional factors:

  • An Aerial Image which provides an overall view of the area.
  • A Location Map which indicates the area covered by the report.
  • A summary of the site, proposed uses and setting.
  • Descriptions of potentially contaminative current uses.
  • Descriptions of potentially contaminative historical land uses.
  • Published Geology.
  • Groundwater.
  • Contaminated past land use.
  • Hazardous Gas Sources.
  • Chronic risk to human health.
  • Contaminated leachate migrating offsite.
  • Contaminated groundwater.
  • Radon.
  • Mine workings and mine entries.
  • Limestone solution.
  • Slope instability.
  • Weak/compressible ground.
  • Shrinkage or swelling of shallow soils.
  • Sulphate attack on buried concrete.
  • Flooding.
  • Unexploded Ordnance.
  • Invasive Species.
  • Asbestos.
  • Other important additional factors.

An example MySite report can be downloaded here.

We want to…

Earth Science Partnership are passionate about helping landowners, developers, other professionals, private individuals and existing clients understand ground hazards and site risks at the very earliest stage. We also want to provide asset owners, or managers, information on existing ground conditions for portfolio risk management. Therefore, we have developed an easy to understand hazard appraisal format which we call MySite. Potential uses for the MySite report include as part of Environmental Due Diligence, Environmental Impact Assessments, Civil Engineering or development projects, potential insurance claims and property transactions.

How we can do this…

If you have a development project or need to consider land condition, we can help you understand the various factors on site and in the surrounding areas that may influence current/future decisions, values or constraints. Our MySite report provides a bespoke, low cost (high value) and efficient appraisal of likely hazards. The cost of a MySite report is £285 (Exc. VAT).

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