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site investigation by esp

ESP has long established expertise in the successful design and implementation of site investigation works for a wide range of developments. This

includes sites with elevated level of contaminants, difficult access and complex ground conditions. The site investigation techniques used are tailored to the site and development specific requirements.

Our expertise within site investigation includes:



We have dealt with schemes of all sizes from the largest Coal Mining Opencast Sites in Europe to individual house foundations, in many different environmental contexts – from mountain roads in Oman to the Cardiff Bay Barrage.

Comprehensive and accurate site investigation forms an integral part of our geotechnical and contamination assessments. With vast experience in site investigation and with a wide range of capabilities, ESP are experts in understanding ground processes and excel in providing effective solutions for any situation.

We use a number of accredited contractors supervised by ESP geoscientists for our intrusive site investigations. Methods include rotary drilling, cable percussion drilling, window sampling, trial pits and cone penetration testing. Sampling and logging of soil and rock is in accordance with contemporary British and European standards. We also have extensive experience in the use of geophysical methods in the investigation of both contamination plumes and in geotechnical applications including landslides.

Project Example: Investigation into ground conditions for the proposed construction of a new hospital.

site investigation by esp - hospital plans imageESP was employed by an NHS trust to investigate, and establish the ground conditions beneath a former colliery tip. It was proposed that a new hospital was to be built on the site; however this was pending the results of a detailed geotechnical study.

Our assessment included advice on the geotechnical design as well as land contamination as the site was located up gradient of a river. Advice on drainage and contaminant migration was also provided.

Project Example: Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Site Investigation for the Reading Station Redevelopment.

site investigation by esp - Reading Station Redevelopment artist impressionThis project involved an extensive site investigation including rotary and cable percussion boreholes, dynamic probing, trial pitting and geotechnical and geoenvironmental testing both on site and in lab conditions. It also included the construction of numerous groundwater and gas monitoring installations. Our involvement in the development allowed the client to achieve key construction and project deadlines and for works to continue on schedule.

A selected list of example projects can be found on our Projects and Technical page. If you have any questions or enquiries please contact us.

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