Risk Management and Communication

Risk Management and Communication

Risk is a factor that combines a measurement of an events consequences and the likelihood of that event being realised (Impact x Probability). In practice, risks are managed by either controlling the hazard of given event, or reducing the likelihood until a tolerable level of risk is achieved. Risk Management and Communication is an important tool in the UK environmental and geotechnical sectors.

Often, tolerability of risk depend heavily on whether exposure to the risk is taken voluntarily. A hazard realisation can often be made unusually memorable/conceivable as a result of a recent incident and intense media coverage. These influences can heavily distort risk perceptions.

We are experts in undertaking Risk Assessments for a wide range of ground related hazards. We specialise in communicating the risks effectively and providing a mediatory role to non-technical specialists.

A selected list of example projects can be found on our Projects and Technical page.

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