The industrial heritage of the UK has left a legacy of pollution on previously developed land across the country. New initiatives, both financial and legislative, are resulting in more and more developments on such sites. To be successful, the impact of the contamination hazard has to be understood and mitigated against.



ESP is experienced in performing tiered risk assessments, using methodologies dictated within published guidance, and using quantitative risk assessment models, to derive site specific remedial targets for a range of receptors. These include health assessments from soil contamination, controlled water risks assessments, and ground gas assessments.

As a result of the assessments we will contribute to the design, implementation and validation of any mitigation measures or remediation schemes.

Pollution BarrelsIn addition to providing contamination investigation and risk assessment, ESP has considerable experience in the implementation of remediation projects throughout the UK.

Contaminants commonly include hydrocarbons, inorganic and heavy metals, in various phases in both soil and groundwater. In some cases controlled waters were contaminated or threatened, and an expert approach was needed to mitigate further deterioration and facilitate remediation.

We have established links with the most respected remediation contractors in the country and often work in a collaborative approach.

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