Land Stability and Infrastructure Management

Land Stability and Infrastructure Management

Slope Stability Beach FrontESP has extensive experience in Land Stability and Infrastructure Management. This includes mine workings and an extensive portfolio of slope stabilisation works has been carried out in the UK, particularly in Wales where a large number of colliery spoil tips and post glacial landslips exist.

Our expertise includes the rapid investigation of the slopes, highlighting the potential hazards, examining the remediation options and overseeing subsequent works.

Project Example: Investigation, design and implementation of stabilising works for the PEPCO slope

Slope Stability - Hong-KongESP lead a multidisciplinary team charged with the remediation of 45 degree, 100 metre high actively failing slope, at the base of which was located one of Hong Kong’s main power stations.

The works involved an innate knowledge of the geology of the region, as well as a detailed understanding of the hydrogeology and groundwater regime. Extensive anchoring works and site drainage were carried out.

Project Example: Design of site investigation specification and tender documentation for a landslip

Slope Stability - South WalesESP was contracted by Rhondda Cynon Taff Council to compile the specification for a comprehensive site investigation and Land Stability and Infrastructure Management at Mynydd Yr Eglwys landslip in South Wales.

Earth Science Partnership’s experienced team of geologists and engineers designed, supervised and directed the works in order to gain a fundamental understanding of the sub-surface and slip geometries. Quantitative stability analysis was carried out and predictions for future movements and sustainable slope stability remedial solutions works were recommended.

Our team of geoscientists have experience on an extensive portfolio of remediation projects, where brownfield and industrial land has been regenerated to high standards, allowing it to be reclaimed for future uses, including housing.

Remediation methods vary depending on the specific needs of each project. ESP has previously been engaged as a consultant advising on specialist treatment methods, including our own Air Wall Technology. We use a wide variety of methods, including groundwater numerical modelling in order to provide the most practical, reliable and cost effective solution.

Slop Stability - Reclaimed LandSlop Stability Inground

A selected list of example projects can be found on our Projects and Technical page.

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