Hydrogeology Kit

Ground structures and groundwater behaviour are critical controls on many schemes. The hydrogeology can influence stability, contamination migration and exploitation of water, oil and other minerals.

The natural world is complex and analytical solutions have to be tested against real-world conditions. Failure to do so can put feasibility and safety at risk.

Our hydrogeology experience includes:

  • Stability assessments of colliery spoil and refuse tips in the mountainous Welsh Coalfield.
  • Stability design of opencast coal sites throughout the UK.
  • Management of water resources in arid regions.
  • Geochemical attack on construction materials in the UK and Middle East.
  • Solving quarrying problems at minimum cost and disruption to the operator. Assisting in deepening, extensions, stability assessments and environmental impact assessments.
  • Management of complex groundwater conditions, notably artesian groundwater conditions whilst cutting into the hillside of a Welsh valley. These conditions had the potential to cause catastrophic failure during construction and completion of the development. An understanding of hydrogeological system for the site was required and appropriate mitigation measures were designed.

ESP has carried out hydrogeological assessments in a wide variety of geoenvironments. This requires an in depth knowledge of the geological conditions and groundwater regime, as well as the project objectives and requirements of the client and is provided by our team of hydrogeologists and engineers.

Desk based research of existing information held by bodies such as the British Geological Survey and Environment Agency is carried out, followed by on site investigations and monitoring, including slug tests and pumping tests where necessary. Information is analysed and interpreted by our experienced staff.

Project Example: Hydrogeological assessment for the regeneration of the Coed Ely area

Hydrogeological Assessment - Coed ElyA detailed appreciation of aquifer geometry across the valley was required in order to understand the artesian groundwater pressures that occurred on the site. Predictions on the expected groundwater responses and variations in the pressure gradient as the development progressed were also provided.

This involved the use of quantitative modelling as a means to best understand and predict the aquifer behaviour.

Project Example: Hydrogeological Impact Assessment

Hydrogeological Impact Assessment by ESP in YemenESP undertook a hydrogeological assessment of an area of desert in Yemen to assess potential impacts of proposed infrastructure associated with hydrocarbon prospecting.

The works were undertaken for a global oil company as part of a multidisciplinary team over a fortnight which involved studies in the central desert area under the protection of a Yemen Army Escort.

A selected list of example projects can be found on our Projects and Technical page.

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