Geothermal Heating

Geothermal Heating Photo

Geothermal Heating is drawn from Geothermal energy, which is the natural heat of the Earth, of which immense amounts are generated from the deepest strata and stored at various depths along a shallowing thermal gradient and includes that generated from solar effects.

Advances in building technology and mechanical systems create the potential for efficient heat capture. Heat is drawn from the ground and, through the use of a heat pump, is transferred directly to the heating system of a building. This can significantly reduce dependence on carbon based energy sources (e.g. coal and oil) and produce significant cost savings (up to around 75%) with relatively short pay-back periods. Cooling during hot periods is also feasible.

Commonly installed through ground loop or borehole construction, Earth Science Partnership have the expertise and technology partners in place to provide cost effective and managed system installation with minimum disruption to proposed and existing developments.

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